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FTP SENSOR Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor GECM General Electronic Control Module GPS Global Positioning System HID High Intensity Discharge HO2 SENSOR 1 / 1 Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 / Upstream HO2 SENSOR 1 / 2 Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 / Downstream HO2 SENSOR 2 / 1 Heated Oxygen Sensor Bank 2 / Upstream

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API Compatible Rack Cord Thermistor Assembly. 1 of 1. ×. Part Number. FT600. Description. 8 pin, 2J, API thermistor plug and 30' safety orange coiled cable. Weight Lb. 13.2000. Break Away Cables Scully SignalSCUL-SENSE® Two-Wire Optic Sensor; SCUL-SENSE® Five-Wire Optic Sensor Cable with Scully overfill plug connects to a special socket wired to the junction box for quick disconnects and easy cable replacement during drive-aways 09474:SG-GRN-4 Scul-Gard Break-Away Cable, 10 Pin, Green Plug, 4J Slots 09472:SG-GRN-2 Scul-Gard Break-Away

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301010011 Fuel gauge (float arm) 3 - 180 ohms 12V 301.105 Fuel gauge for 240 - 33 ohms 12V USA application 301010010 Fuel gauge 5 - 90 ohms 12V Suits 5 - 90 ohms LPG tank unit senders and petrol & deisel. Note:3 pin plug kit part no. 240.030 recommended. Not included in kit. China Fuel Nozzle manufacturer, Fuel Dispenser, Gas Fuel Tanker 10 Pins Overfill Optic Sensor Socket 6 Pins FOB Price:US $33-41 / Piece. Min. Order:10 Pieces It covers 80, 000m2 and is with 12 workshops. It is a quite strengthful manufacturer for fuel tanker parts, fuel dispenser, fuel nozzle, and related gas station parts in China. Its with accuracy module, independent D&R ability

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Overfill Prevention System - F2020. The Emco Wheaton F2020 Overfill Prevention System incorporates the latest fast response optic self-checking electronics for preventing the overfilling of bottom loaded petroleum tanker compartments during the terminal loading process. If the F2020 detects an overfill it will stop the flow, preventing a spill. It has been designed to meet the requirements of EN 13922, API FloTech FT555PA/PW Automatic Truck Overfill System Use this cable to verify that pin 10 of the API socket has continuity to the trailer chassis. D) GROUND UNIT TEST CABLE Use this cable to connect the FT555PA/PW directly to a groundbolt, groundball, or ground wire. E) 5 WIRE PLUG AND PLAY ADAPTER Use this cable in combination with the optic sensor cable to connect to one 5-wire plug and play

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Triple socket assembly with Plug-n-Play connector on 20' cable. Optic, 6 contact pins and 4 J slots, Thermistor,10 contact pins and 4 J slots, and Optic J560 type. With internal ground wire. Guaranteed for life stainless steel wear rings included. (Canada) Jaguar XJ6 series 3 Schematic DrawingsPins 1&3 - Pins 2&6 + Pins 1&3 + Pins 2&6 + Pins 1&3 + Caravan Socket Caravan Socket B B GW GN LGB LGU LGP NO LGU G UNKNOWN LGN Radio - CD/Tape Aerial Delay relay unit Boot Light BS NP Clock where fitted Low fuel warning Fuel tank sender Oil pressure transmitter Coolant temperature sender WS w 11.

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DT5.03 - 2 & 5 WIRE OPTIC OVERFILL SENSOR Designed for overfill prevention during loading operation of fuel tankers. For tankers of up to 8 compartments. For tankers of less compartments our electronic simulator of compartments (DUMMY) model SD7.03 is used, which simulates up to 7 compartments. Optic sensor of immediate response. Overfill Protection System max 3 - Alfons Haarsensors. A 10 pin plug connects to the EuroLINK socket installed on the tan-ker. Each tanker compart-ment is to be equipped with a EuroSENS or EuroBiSENS. TKW with EuroBiSENS and EuroLINK EuroSENS This is the standard optic sensor to EN 13922 to be installed in each tanker compartment. The fail safe optic sensor prevents compartment overfilling.

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Tanker Truck Parts. Toggle mobile menu. Search store. Submit search. MY CART. 100 FT Roll - 5 Conductor Cable - Color Coded for use with 5-Wire Optic Sensors API Socket 6 Pin - Optic Output, Blue Nameplate - Civacon 4100 Scully Thermistor Socket, 2-wire API Style, 8 Pin Replacement 2 Wire Optic ROM Overfill Sensor - 7" Shaft, No Housing Petroleum Tanker & Overfill API plug can be reconfigured for both Optic and Thermistor J Slot standards Sockets allow for the transfer of the electronic signal from the terminal control monitor to the tanker. Sockets will vary depending upon terminal equipment. Socket options include 6 pin, 3 J slot for 5 wire systems and 10 pin, 4 J slot for 2 wire systems

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Our connectors, which are watertight in up to 6 feet of water, have molded-on wiping-action contacts that provide a self-cleaning feature and eliminate issues with pin/socket open contacts. The 7-Pin and 10-Pin connectors are designed for multiple cable diameters, are available in shielded versions, and can include either solder-type contacts Replacement Cad Cell Eye for Oil Primary Controls Nimiah For OIL BURNER CAD CELL EYE C554A REPLACES OC-10, HONEYWELL 130367, 124607, 120320. 4.7 out of 5 stars 47. $10.94 $ 10. 94. NEW OIL BURNER CAD CELL EYE, ALL makes WITH 2 pins Honeywell Westwood Crown Sid C554. Thermostat Remote Sensor. 4.4 out of 5 stars

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Manhole Cover, Bottom Valve, API Adaptor Valve manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 6 Pins Overfill Optic Sockets with Cap (CFY02), 4"Manual API Adaptor Valve (C806B-100), Adr 4" API Adaptor with Aluminum Sight Glass (C806C-100) and so on. S Class W221 Fuse List, Location, Relay, Chart, 2006-2013 S-Class W 221 (2007-2013) S320 CDI, S350, S450, S500, S550, S420 CDI, S600. CL-Class C 216 (2006-2014) CL 500 CL 600 CL 63 CL 65 AMG. Prefuse Box in the Engine Bay F32/3. Fuse Box in the Engine Bay Front SAM Control Unit N10/1. Fuses in the ride side of the dash F1/6. Fuses in the Left side of dash F1/7.

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Dec 13, 2018 · Can be straight' wired system (diagram next page) . 2-Wire Sensor Systems ( Like the Civacon ROM II or Scully IntelliCheck 2 Ground Bolt wired to Pin # 9. Scully spill prevention and grounding systems have to the Scully socket, truck monitor and ground bolt All system components including sensors, wiring. Enclosure Earth (Ground) Connection. . Troubleshooting Loading RackWeve compiled information about some issues that can arise when you cant get a load at the petroleum loading rack. Read through these procedureswere providing a quick troubleshooting guide for common problems. These scenarios will guide terminal personnel and drivers to quickly determine the cause of the problem and enable them to

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Browse Truck Sockets in the Tank Truck Service & Sales, Inc. catalog including Item #,Item Name,Manufacturer,Vendor Item #,Civacon Model,Scully Model,No. Of Pins,Price Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor Tank Level Indicator Ultrasonic sensors are placed on top of each tank and connected to UC-4000 enclosure via coaxial cables that we provide. Saves costs and installation time. All cables can be placed in the same conduit. It will work for you as soon as power is turned on. If you have 6 or more tanks on location, UC-4000 provides cost effective tank level monitoring.

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WT-56816 12-10 AWG WT-56869 8 AWG Expanded wire gauge applications for these splices can be found in Technical Service Bulletin Number 03-11-6. Ford Engineering has determined that the combination of the crimped uninsulat-ed butt splice, insulated with a 2 piece of adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing, hasOVERFILL PREVENTION Kalymnos Fuel EngineeringScully supplies a full range for optic sockets for connecting the tank truck to the loading rack. There are available 6-pin and 10pin variants and optional pressure switch pre installed. For special application or verification of your socket type you need specify the country and/or plug type at your loading gantry.