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The filling is of electronic-volumetric type:each filling valve is equipped with a magnetic flow meter device that allows the machine's electronics to manage the filling. The filling cycle is set on the panel and can be modified according to the needs of the filled product.


The FCB400 is a general purpose mass flow meter for all industries, ideal for high precision filling and for process or well monitoring under tough conditions. Its wide variety of connections and software options allow flexibility for various applications. Best Practices for Condensate Removal on Steam Lines TLV Traps should be installed at 30 to 50 meter (100 to 160 feet) intervals on a steam line. In Front of Pressure Reducing Valves and Control Valves A steam trap should be installed immediately before pressure reducing valves / control valves to prevent condensate from pooling when the valve is closed.

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We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Digital Flow Test Products HydracheckInline Flow Meter for Petroleum Fluids (One-Way Flow) Ideal for monitoring pump performance and media flows in hydraulic systems. Flows up to 150 GPM (568 Lpm). Pressures up to 6000 PSI (414 bar).


Liquid Turbine Flow Meter Level Switch Tank Content Gauge Ø Gate Valve Fittings . Ø Pipe Line diesel meter for filling dubai Building construction diesel meter for filling equipment Construction site diesel filling machine Diesel meter for building construction site Fuel filling meter for building construction site Small diesel Flow Meters - Global WNearly all flow meters must be installed so that there is a significant run of straight pipe before and after the location of the flow meter. This is intended to allow the straight pipe run to "smooth out" any turbulence produced by the presence of valves, thermowells, chemical injectors and diffusers, and changes in pipe direction.

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Parker high performance flowmeters provide a consistent line of accurate and efficient measurement solutions that can work with a wide range of industrial media. Choose from our many different types of flowmeter, each adaptable to meet the needs of your application. We also supply PFA and PTFE flowmeters for leak-free, precise control of ultra-high purity liquids and a diverse range of gas Full-load string test meets stringent goals for LNG

  • Testing Needs and RequirementsTest ArrangementTest PreparationTest ExecutionTest ResultsThe AuthorsThe tests verify that, before shipping, the units comply with specifications and that they will work properly in the plant. For most applications, customers require (for gas turbines and axial or centrifugal compressors) a "mechanical running test" in accordance with international specs (e.g., API 616 and 617). This allows the manufacturer to verify the machine's most critical mechanical parameters:rotor and casing vibrations, lube oil pressures, temperatures, flows, etc. The ASME performance test code (PTCHigh Temperature Flowmeters - ThomasnetJun 26, 2021 · In-line, OEM, digital, thermal, battery powered mass flow meters, smart cylinder meter with IOT, microfluidic sensors, meters and dispensers, differential and dual pressure sensors are available. Specifications include 0 to 4000 SLPM flow range and -10 to 55 degrees C temperature range.

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    Hedland flow meters, indicators, and Flo-tech products are cost-effective instrumentation engineered for industrial, municipal and commercial markets worldwide. Instrumentation includes pressure & temperature sensors, digital display, turbine flow meters, portable hydraulic testers, ultrasonic transit time flow meters, EZ-view® and variable area high pressure in-line flow meters. Liquid or Gas Turbine Flowmeters / Transmitters - Cole-ParmerLiquid or Gas Turbine Flowmeters / Transmitters. These new low-flow liquid and gas flowmeters are ideal for industrial, commercial, laboratory, or OEM applications. They are compact and offer excellent liquid or gas measurements. All models provide direct flow rate readings in mL/min or L/min and a 0 to 5 VDC linear output simultaneously.

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    Discover High Resolution Precision Flow Measurement for Your Needs. Measure down to 0.005 cc/min with our high resolution 12,000 pulses/cc ultra low flow P001 piston flow meter. Great for chemical injection and valve testing. With a 2000:1 turndown and a ±0.2% accuracy over a 200:1 turndown, our meters provided unprecedented accuracy over Lubricant metering devices SKF Lincoln SKFDeveloped for pre-lubrication applications using oil and fluid grease, this metering device is simple to install utilizing plastic or metallic lines and can be mounted in either an upright or inverted position. It also features easily identifiable dosing elements to meet various lubrication requirements.

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    For use in dual-line lubrication systems The shut-off valve E-VALV-S is either 2/2- or 4/2-way valve and some models are equipped with check valves E-VALV For use in dual-line or single-line lubrication systems The electrically operated line valve E-VALV is a modular 3/2 valve in which each module has SOURCES OF TROUBLE FOR FLOW METERS PART 1 Flow On a production line, this generally includes chips and abrasive grain coming from a grinding machine. Sludge is constantly circulated along with the fluid and causes clogging of the flow meter or acts as noise interference. With a flow meter that has mechanical components in the piping, axial wear and abrasion may occur, and flow may be lowered.

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    SRSINTLDIRECT-Global supplier of Flow Meters,Sensors,Pumps,Strainers, Ball Valves on competitive price in Murrieta, California Turbine Flowmeters from Cole-Parmer CanadaTurbine flowmeters are available for both liquid and gas applications. Some turbine flow meters offer low cost water meter solutions with accuracy typically around 3% full scale, while others offer high accuracy of 1% or better. We have a variety of standard and specialty turbine flowmeters.

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    GE DPY125R Steam Turbine. Manufacturer:GE Steam. Used 1000 HP GE Steam Turbine 4000 RPM, 550 PSI, Type DPY125R Trip Speed 4600, Exhaust Press 50 (Max 60) PSI, Inlet 550 (Max 600) PSI Temperature 750F Weight 2,000 lbs Dims 48"Lx40"Wx48"H. Center, CO, USA. Vertical Turbine Precision Pumping SystemsUnlike submersible turbine pumps, vertical turbine motors are surface mounted, driving the impellers using a long line shaft. Vertical turbine pumps come in multiple configurations, which means that they can be adapted to suit nearly any performance requirement, producing flow rates from 200 3000+ GPM and pressure ranges from 20 150 PSI.

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    Product Overview Volume flow converter is a liquid flow metering converter developed by our company. Liquid turbine, elliptical gear, double rotor and other volumetric flow meters. Main Features 1.LCD dot matrix display, Instant flow rate and totalized flow and temperature and pressure Beverage Filling Technologies - Electronic Flow Meter The filling is controlled by the PLC that gives the go-ahead to start the filling when the sensor detects the presence of the bottles. The electronic dosing devices with mass or magnetic flow meters show that the preset filling volume has been reached and control the closing of the valve, allowing a dosing precision of 0,2%.